The 22 Most Influential Celebrity Makeup Artists on Instagram

patidubroff / UnsplashInstagram and makeup artists go together like chocolate chips and mint ice cream—they’re a match made in beauty heaven. Over the years, many makeup artists have amassed massive followers on the social media platform because of their forward-thinking techniques, incredible pictures, and celebrity clients. We also like to spy on the new tools and what new methods we can use to get a great polished look. Because we know you don’t always have time to go through everyone on your feed, we’ve selected the most powerful beauty Instagram players out there for you to follow, admire and get great hacks from. 

Read on for the most influential makeup artists you need to follow on Instagram.

gucciwestmanWhy follow: For classic girl-next-door makeup tips (she paints the faces of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston, after all) plus a real behind-the-scenes look at her fabulous family life (which include plenty of horses). Handle: @gucciwestman

makeupbymarioWhy follow: As the go-to makeup artist for the Kardashians, Mario Dedivanovic is the man who made contouring go viral. Dedivanovic is a must-follow for anyone looking to master the art of the smokey eye. Handle: @makeupbymario

patmcgrathrealWhy follow: One of the most legendary high fashion makeup artists of all time (who could forget those early aughts Dior shows?), Dame Pat McGrath often uses her Instagram to offer complete breakdowns of the high glam looks she and her artists create for celebs like Cardi B and Doja Cat. Handle: @patmcgrath

marygreenwellWhy follow: She’s a real veteran who has painted the faces of some of the most iconic women in the world, such as Princess Diana and Cate Blanchett, alongside newer stars like Soonam Kapoor and Amanda Seyfried. Needless to say, if you like soft glam, she’s your artist. Handle: @marygreenwell

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makeupmatthewWhy follow: He regularly does the makeup of Debra Messing, Ellen Pompeo, Rebel Wilson, and Salma Hayek to name a few, and his feed is dripping with drool-worthy red carpet looks that get us so amped up to do our own makeup. Handle: @MakeupMatthew

allanfaceWhy follow: Allan’s celebrity-studded Instagram serves up colorful, fresh beauty looks on some of the most recognized faces—including Joey King and Jodie Turner-Smith—giving us total FOMO if we ever miss a post.Handle: @AllanFace

sirjohn Why follow: He’s Beyoncé’s makeup artist. Need we say more? We guarantee you’ll be following him before you finish reading the end of this sentence. Handle: @sirjohn

lisaeldridgemakeupWhy follow: If you’re not already following Lisa’s YouTube channel, we also suggest you do that immediately. On Instagram, you can find her posting makeup-related content ranging from breakdowns of looks for celebs like Emma Roberts and Dua Lipa to her vintage cosmetic finds. Handle: @lisaeldridgemakeup

sarahtannomakeupWhy follow: Our main reason for following Tanno? She gives us all the inside scoop on Lady Gaga’s red carpet beauty looks, and we could not be more obsessed. If you couldn’t tell from her most famous client, Tanno is a great resource for splendidly over-the-top makeup. Handle: @sarahtannomakeup

violette_frWhy follow: Makeup minimalists, we have found the artist for you. Practically synonymous with French Girl Beauty, Violette specializes in one “statement” feature—think sapphire-colored eyes or rich red lips—paired with healthy, glowing skin, though you’ll find plenty of high glam and “no-makeup makeup” looks as well. As a insentif, her halaman offers up a heaping dose of neutral-toned lifestyle inspiration, too. Handle: @violette_fr

hungvangoWhy follow: Vango’s seriously impressive client roster reads like a who’s who of young Hollywood: Selena Gomez, Julie Garner, and Jodie Comer, to name a few. Fortunately for us, he often posts video tutorials on Instagram, giving us all a chance to emulate his dreamy looks. Handle: @hungvanngo

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patricktaWhy follow: Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Katy Perry—Ta works with some of the most glamorous women in the world, and he frequently features them on his page. If you’re looking to perfect a master-level sculpt or for tips on creating a bronze smokey eye, follow ASAP. Handle: @patrickta

mylahmoralesWhy follow: As one of Rihanna’s go-to makeup artists, Mylah Morales has created dozens of iconic red carpet and editorial looks. (Remember that sweep of blue eyeshadow Rih wore to the Met Gala in 2009? That was her.) Check out her Instagram to see her gorgeous work on clients like Tinashe and Becky G.Handle: @mylahmorales

kateleeWhy follow: If soft sophistication is your preferred aliran of glam, look no further than Kate Lee. On Instagram, the British-born Chanel makeup artist posts her work for celebs like Emilia Clarke, Rose Byrne, and Charlize Theron alongside plenty of aesthetic inspo. Handle: @kateleemakeup

makeupvincentWhy follow: Posting image after image of the most gorgeous makeup, put Vincent Oquendo at the top of the list for people to follow. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, and Jurnee Smollett have all served stunning, fresh-faced looks by this master. Handle: @makeupvincent

patidubroffWhy follow: While Pati Dubroff might do red carpet looks for famous faces such as Lily Collins, Priyanka Chopra, and Margot Robbie, she’s also regularly on set doing makeup for films. Plus, her Instagram is chock full of stunning travel shots. Handle: @patidubroff

charlottetilburyWhy follow: Trust us: When awards season rolls around, you’ll be constantly refreshing your feed for the latest stories and posts from Charlotte Tilbury. The legendary British makeup artist and entrepreneur offers behind-the-scenes looks at celebs getting red carpet-ready. Some of her A-list clients include Amal Clooney, Penelope Cruz, and Gigi Hadid. Handle: @ctilburymakeup

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emilychengmakeupWhy follow: Yara Shahidi, Barbie Ferreira, Maya Hawke—while that may read like the cast list for the next hit HBO series, it’s actually Emily Cheng’s client list. Cheng’s soft-focus makeup looks are like wearing a filter in real life, and lucky for us, she regularly posts tutorials on how to get the look at home. Handle: @emilychengmakeup

priscillaonoWhy follow: As one of thee makeup artists who works closely with Megan Thee Stallion—and global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty—Ono’s Instagram is one of the best sources for colorful, maximalist makeup and sultry 90s-inspired looks. And if she ever offered a group on how to take fire selfies, we’d be the first to sign up. Handle: @priscillaono

ajcrimsonWhy follow: Before stars like Lauren London, Naturi Naughton, and Bresha Webb hit the red carpet or a photoshoot, they take a seat in AJ Crimson’s chair. The makeup artist and entrepreneur (his lipsticks are an industry fave) is a great follow for anyone with a darker skin tone—or any makeup lover at all, really. Handle: @ajcrimson

namvoWhy follow: Two words: Dewy. Dumpling. The undisputed queen of fresh, super dewy makeup, Vo is the makeup artist of choice for anyone who prefers a skincare-centric makeup routine. Follow to watch her undergo enviable skincare treatments, and to see her give celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Kylie Jenner that #NamVoGlow. Handle: @namvo

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