Meet 16 Makeup Artists with Stunning Portfolio Websites

Becoming a professional makeup artist is an excellent opportunity for aspiring makeup lovers. The booming makeup industry allows for a wide range of job opportunities as a Makeup Artist. In this article, we will talk about how to become a successful makeup artist and the role your makeup artist website would play in this process.

If you have the passion for self-expression on a living canvas, deep love for cosmetics, are creative and enjoy playing with color, then this field is the right fit for you! It is vital that you learn essential methods, theory, and cosmetic techniques to create magic. As a makeup artist, you should have a clear understanding of color; lines and angles of the face and body, texture land how different lighting affects the appearance of a color. This understanding forms the basis of every look that is conceptualized.

Makeup artists, today, work in two primary industries – cosmetic or fashion makeup and theatrical or film makeup. An ensemble is not complete without the perfect makeup. Celebrities depend on their favorite makeup artists for shoots and appearances. So there is a huge demand out there if you are highly creative, passionate, and have the right skill sets.

To develop your skills, you can opt for a professional course and begin working as a freelancer. It is penting to build a strong makeup artist portfolio, build your merk, and establish connections within the industry. You need to think of creative and innovative ways to keep up with changes in makeup trends and techniques.

Even if you don’t have an extensive portfolio, feature shoots, and projects to help you get noticed online. Treat your makeup artist portfolio website almost like your Instagram feed – your visitors want to see something new every time they visit.

Your makeup portfolio reflects your style and creative expression, so keep it up to date. Change your site design, showcase new work, and tell new stories.

Ready to create your professional makeup artist portfolio website?

Your makeup artist portfolio will give viewers an idea of your aesthetic and your style as a makeup artist. Add your biography and contact information, so that interested people can contact you.

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We have rounded up a list of 16 best makeup artist websites designed on Pixpa. Have a look at these examples and get some inspiration to create your portfolio.

Here is our pick of 16 Makeup Artists with stunning portfolio websites:

Nina Butkovich Budden

Nina Butkovich-Budden is a highly accomplished hair stylist with over 18 years experience, creating stunning looks in TV, fashion, film, theater, music promos, and advertising.

Her passion for creating original and breathtaking looks led to high demand for her design ideas, which were used in stellar advertising campaigns as well as numerous music videos.

In 2005, she founded London’s first vintage specialized hair and makeup salon, “Nina’s Hair Parlour” to great acclaim by leading fashion magazines. Her makeup artist portfolio opens with a big stunning image, and her website menu is carefully divided into relevant categories. She has made use of different layout styles in each of her work categories.


Shaan is a professional hair and make-up artist based in Delhi, India. He has worked with award-winning photographers, acclaimed couture designers, models, artists, and bridal parties and also has experience with film/TV, music videos, theatre, and fashion shows.

His work has been featured in leading fashion and lifestyle magazines. He feels that as an artist, it is crucial to refresh ideas continually. The diverse creative people he meets, inspire him in one way or another. Shan’s makeup artist portfolio displays the gallery in a beautiful square layout, and he has made optimum use of the logo and header space to showcase his merk.

Anjum Bhardwaj

Anjum has a natural flair for the art and craft of makeup. Before her education in makeup and hairstyling, from The Pearl Academy of Fashion, she has displayed her excellence at weddings, photo shoots, and theatre productions. Her inspiration and stimulation for the craft come from makeup artists like Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown.

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With over nine years of experience in the Beauty Industry, Anjum’s work has been featured in various leading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Astrid Elisabeth Stebich

Astrid Stebich is a London based Hair and Makeup artist. Over 15 years ago, she trained as a hairdresser in Germany. As seen in her makeup artist website, her curious, creative mind, passion and love of cinema and the stage led her to develop an interest in the art of creating character makeup, wig making, and special effects. She went on to specialize in Film, Theatre, and Media, at Berlin’s prestigious “Hasso von Hugo Maskenbildnerschule.”

Due to her hard work and peer appraisals, her work has been recognized by the leading professionals in the Industry and has worked on prime German TV shows, dramas, short and feature Film productions, fashion shows, and editorials. Elisabeth is also a celebrity makeup artist; her website includes her makeup artist resume mentioning the best work she has done over the years. 

Here is the guide for how to make a great personal resume website.

Michelle Patricio

Driven by the vision and inspired by the beauty, Michelle Patricio’s work reflects both innovation and style. She has a natural ability to enhance, manipulate, or beautify; and has expertise in Cosmetic Techniques & Management. She specializes in Bridal Makeup Artistry, Skincare Consultation, and Hair Design.

She has collaborated with esteemed fashion shows and Red Carpet events, bringing their vision to life with a flare! Michelle’s makeup artist portfolio showcases her portfolio, which can be easily navigated through arrow keys.

Kat Sanders Smith

Kat is a fully qualified hair and makeup artist based in Bristol, UK. Kat’s work tends to focus on soft, natural make-up, and hairstyling looks – delivered with her signature calm demeanor.

Gehnaa Advani

Gehnaa is a Dubai – based Influencer who loves life, makeup, fashion, travel, food, and photography.

Jennifer Gemakas

Jennifer Gemakas is a Professional Makeup Artist, with over nine years of experience. She has worked as a Pro Artist for Chanel and is an accomplished Beauty Editor. Her collaborations have also been on several commercial and runway platforms. Jennifer is internationally published and has worked NYFW.

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Naomi Nakamura

Naomi is a freelance makeup artist based in London and has collaborated across esteemed editorial, commercial and fashion platforms.

Makeup by SevAni

Sev (Sevan Kalaydjian) is a self-taught makeup artist with a passion for creation. She has been collaborating on several event makeup and commercial shoots.

Ani (Ani Artsvelyan) is a self-taught freelance makeup artist since 2013, though her love of makeup goes back many years. Her forte is a bridal, special events, and natural makeup styles.

The Glitter Collective

The Glitter Collective focuses on creative makeup and body paint for events and photo shoots. Do check out their makeup artist website for cool creative makeup ideas!

Katie M

Katie M is a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist based in Southern California. Her childhood interest in hair and makeup led her to pursue her vocation and open her salon. She does everything from print, videos, commercials, weddings, documentaries, runway, new tattoos, and body paint. She says, “I can’t imagine myself doing anything different!’

Jaimee Rosko

Jamie is a makeup artist and photographer based in Chicago. She specializes in makeup for TV and film, commercial shoots, events and performances. She also takes up photography assignments – weddings, documentary, food, real estate and for special events.

Shawna Ferguson

Shawna Ferguson is a stylist, art director and costume designer working in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. She graduated in film-making and media studies. She has collaborated on several advertising, editorial, commercial, design assignments. She uses Jupiter theme in her makeup artist portfolio to showcase her carefully composed makeup shots. She loves to keep the energy up on set and make people laugh.

Dana Matta

Dana is a highly skilled Paul Mitchell trained stylist. She has an artistic eye and the ability to translate elaborate concepts into reality. She finds beauty and inspiration everywhere and keeps herself abreast with the latest trends in tools, techniques, and styles.

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