Kaleidoscope 2021: 10 Skincare and Makeup Products That Went Viral in 2021 | theAsianparent Indonesia

Beauty products are always changing every year. Products such as skincare and viral makeup also have alternates. Towards the end of 2021, here is a list of skincare & makeup that have gone viral in 2021. Viral on social media with various testimonials, these products are considered as the mainstay of the netizens. Not infrequently … Read more

10 Teen Makeup Products to Look Fresh Every Day

By the age of adolescence, many young women want to look sweet like their favorite celebrities. Start investigating makeup to beautify yourself, becomes the thing that poly teenagers do. Looks graceful natural, fresh &nir striking as a dream for many teenagers. The goal is that nir is left behind based on dominant expression and looks … Read more